Garden of Sound supports and gives a voice to artists creating original music.

The programme promotes a diverse range of new music from artists who might not fit the commercial radio mould. From high school students just starting out to performers with over 50 years of experience. The show also explores the role that producers, educators and promoters play in supporting original music. Most importantly Garden of Sound lets guests tell their story in their own words.

The show reaches further than the airwaves or online through Garden of Sound:LIVE. An initiative where students are booked to play a set of their material in front of a paying audience. This feeds back into the output of Garden of Sound, where the bands share their performance experiences with the local community.

If you’d like to appear on the show please e-mail with your details.



9/07/2021 Joe Sampson 8
25/12/2020 Greg Haver 6
19/03/2021 Caleb Isaacs 6
6/11/2020 Matt Smith 5
20/11/2020 John Sanchez-Lloyd 5
27/11/2020 Elvis Arthur 5
12/02/2021 Harry Charles 5
13/11/2020 Madeleine Howard 4
12/03/2021 Olly Harmer 4
9/04/2021 Rodney Fisher 4
28/05/2021 James Constable 4
18/06/2021 Jason Peters 4
30/07/2021 Murray Burns 4
18/12/2020 Steffany Beck 3
22/01/2021 Cary Caldwell 3
29/01/2021 Dolphin Friendly 3
19/02/2021 Lee Martin 3
26/03/2021 BALTTW 3
23/04/2021 Bridget Walsh 3
25/06/2021 Marsha 3
16/07/2021 Reuben Stone 3
5/12/2020 Good Habits 2
11/12/2020 Analise Twemlow 2
5/02/2021 Juanita Hepi 2
5/03/2021 MISSY 2
16/04/2021 Terrible Sons 2
21/05/2021 Miranda Easten 2
4/06/2021 MINI 2
26/02/2021 Krystal Hollis 1
30/04/2021 Oliver and the Acre 1
7/05/2021 ASHY 1
11/06/2021 Byllie Jean Zeta 1
2/07/2021 Little Fang 1


Matt Treacy

You may know him as the uber talented songwriter and guitarist from the Silver Scroll and New Zealand Music Award…


Hailing from Selwyn in Mid Canterbury, Nicole Schaap’s desire to perform followed many routes, from dance through to girl-bands and…

Kori Reardon

He’s a singer/songwriter, mystic, life-coach, counsellor, gib stopper and tournament winning jiu jitsu practitioner. Kori released 2 x Full albums…

Matthew Everingham

He’s a pianist, composer, musical director and law graduate. He’s also Artistic Director of the Christchurch Pops Choir & has…

Elvis Arthur

Hailing from Dunedin, Elvis has a high fashion backstory and a guitarist father of some renown but said goodbye to…

Electric Temples

A five piece in their first year at Christchurch’s Ara Music Arts, Electric Temples are drawn from wildly different backgrounds…

Dear No One

They’re a 5 piece who formed right in the heart of Christchurch and can boast trumpet, violin & cello skills…

Marc Royal

For over 25 years he’s been touring and writing and playing and breaking up and reforming and supporting and managing,…

Arnie van Bussel Pt1

While the name Arnie Van Bussel may not be immediately familiar, he’s recorded countless bands and artists across the years,…

The Response

Huge on talent and small on numbers, The Response consists of Andy and Victoria Knopp. They met at Jazz School…

Josh Holmes

Also known as Junus Orca and the XY component of Your Indigo, Josh started his musical life emulating his pop…

Little Fang

Led by Jack Wulff, Little Fang consists of 2 x Brits and 2 x Kiwis who’ve come together to produce…

Matt Smith

Formerly of Von Voin Strum and a host of other musical groupings, Matt’s still putting it out there as a…

Max Earnshaw

He hails from Christchurch and is no stranger to public performance having sang for his supper since he was 8.…

Don Coulter

His debut album “One Sin at a Time” was released while Don was a sprightly 70 something years of age.…

BEST OF 2018

Thank you so much for supporting Garden of Sound in 2018. Everyone who has appeared on the show has been…

Terrible Sons

With close to 150,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 18 million streams of their first single, Lauren and Matt…

Chris William

Probably best known up to this point as a bassist with groups like The Goldonies, playing for other artists and…

Lynette Diaz

She grew up in the United States moving from California to New Mexico and then to Washington before finding herself…

Chris Martin

He’s a youthworker, a DJ, a mentor and he’s seen practically everything there is to see when it comes to…

Des Newton

Born in the UK, Des moved to New Zealand at an early age and travelled about the country before finding…

Run 77

They’re a Christchurch foursome, the majority of which are studying at UC. The band consists of Angus Mossman on Vocals…

The Raddlers

Having been around for just over a year, The Raddlers have already clocked up a number of impressive support gigs…


She grew up in Reykjavik & thanks to some familial wanderlust she got a taste of life in New Zealand…

Tom Harris

Keyboardist extraordinaire and music teacher Tom Harris utilises his musical talents in such diverse offerings as Yurt Party, Deep Water…