Olly Harmer

He’s the house engineer and studio manager at The Lab Recording Studio, in Mount Eden. But that’s like saying Paul McCartney plays bass. Olly’s won Engineer of the Year twice at the NZ Music Awards and has worked with practically ALL the big names in New Zealand music. But how did it all begin and what lies on the horizon for this man of musical science?

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  • Robbie powell
    28th October 2022 23:00

    Hi olly,I work with your brother Finn,I would like to get together with you ,and record in Feb next year,I’m off to Liverpool at the end of December, just saving for that trip,I’m a Pom ,but been here for 23 years now,so nearly a kiwi,I used to be in a band back in the eighties and 90,s I write my own songs and I just want to record songs what I’ve written here,me ,I’m getting on now in years,but I feel there great songs,and I just wanna feel the ideas coming through in my head,instead of just a acoustic guitar,until we meet happy Xmas war maybe is not over,but we need to give peace a chance Robbie


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