John Sanchez-Lloyd

Musician, archeologist and stuntman, John Sanchez-Lloyd hit his teenage years just as The Beatles were exploding onto the world stage. Up and down the country, John lent his musical talent via the keys to groups which have provided the backbone of the distinctly New Zealand musical voice the world hears today. John’s love of music is deep and the relationships he’s built through bands like The Coalrangers go deeper still. So where will 2021 take the man and more importantly where does John want to go ?



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  • patrick burgin
    24th November 2020 05:57

    Hey I bought an electrified pedal harmonium off John in the late sixties. He and his band the Salvation were living in an old house in Barbadoes Street, Chch. In the phone book they were under the name J Hendrix. We hooked that harmonium up to a leslie speaker cabinet and bingo – instant Hammond. Great kiwi ingenuity right there.


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