The Origin Turmeric Latte

We were on the hunt for a café in our area and in Avenues Magazine there was a review of The Origin Café which we thought we’d try. As one of our team has a veritable Smörgåsbord of eating peculiarities a vegan café was a pretty safe option and finding out they served coconut milk was a very happy event. To describe their Coconut Milk Tumeric Latte, well it is a thing of wonder that is quite hard to perfect but they have nailed it.

If, as another of our team thought, you’re expecting a Latte has to involve coffee, it doesn’t. Latte literally means milk in Italian, so even though you do just ask for a ‘latte’ and it comes with coffee included it doesn’t always have to!

Turmeric is an acquired taste which does not appeal to everybody. Served by the very helpful Andy, who told us that The Origin make their own turmeric paste to add to the milk (which can be normal, soy or coconut). They’ve managed to get just the right mix of sweet and spice added – we guessed there’s also honey and nutmeg added, but we’re sure there could be more ingredients.

Turmeric also has a wide range of health benefits from being an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, which adds to the appeal.

So if you’d like to try something new and delicious and are feeling a little adventurous, go down to The Origin and find out what a Tumeric Latte is supposed to taste like.

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