Hibiscus Soda

Fresh from the Six Barrel Soda Co and served ably by the awesome team at Christchurch’s C4 Coffee comes a taste sensation quite out of this world.

But first a little game of High Biss Kiss / Hih Biss Kiss. Perhaps because of where you come from, you’ll say certain words differently. In the Northern Hemisphere you may feel led to think of hibiscus like Hearts & Hibs or Hilary Clinton .. whereas those from the south think of hibiscus in a more Hi-Top Sneaker / Hi-Viz Jacket sense. You’ll be pleased to know that either pronunciation is correct, so no need for light-hearted squabbles in central city cafes over how to say it!

Back to the review at hand …

C4 serves the hibiscus syrup with sparkling water, and in our opinion that’s all it needs. This Nephalist struggled to put a finger on why it was just so damn tasty. Was it the understated sweetness? – Possibly. Was it the complex and full yet light fruity flavour? – Maybe. Was it the fact that it’s carbonated, but not violently so? – Could be a factor. The bottom line is that the hibiscus flower is probably something you’ve never tasted before and the Six Barrel Soda Co have produced a syrup that is both sweet and a little tart at the same time.

You could say this drink both satisfies you and leaves you wanting more. The C4 presentation makes the whole experience that much better.

So its Hi Fives all round from The Nephalist .. and we can’t wait to try more offerings from the Six Barrel Soda Co.

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