Hӧpt Soda – Pear & Basil

Humulus Lupulus. The humble hop plant. Most commonly associated with beer, but more recently of interest for HRT and menstruation related problems. But for this review, you’ll be offered a look at how Hopt Soda have taken the humble hop .. and made it into something desirably non-alcoholic. This time around, infused with pear & basil.

Hopt apparently means connected in old Norse .. or better still binding. That’s what the makers have tried to encourage in the enjoyment of this product. So to imbibe a sense of community in this review, you’ll be getting a He Said: She Said just to keep everything balanced.

He Said – It’s a nice beer-like bottle. I’m pretty stupid so I opened the twist top with a bottle opener .. and struggled. The product was lightly carbonated, and exceptionally mild in taste. Yes i could definitely taste the pear, but couldn’t spot the basil at all. Definitely not a sugar hit in sight, which is fine. But honestly not much else at all. An exceptionally mild beverage.

She Said – Usually with pear flavoured drinks, the result is quite artificial, but I’m very happy to say that wasn’t the case with this flavour of Hopt Soda. It has a real pear taste, although I was disappointed the basil wasn’t forthcoming.  The old-fashioned bottle appealed to my ‘I like the thought of being Victorian without the disease, outside toilets and general squalor but oh pretty bottles and nice dresses’ . The flavouring is delicate as are the bubbles, which, combined with 50% less sugar than it’s contemporaries makes it one of my more highly rated non-alco pops!

Pear & Basil is only one flavour of the Hopt Soda family, and we look forward to reviewing these in the future.

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