Bundaberg Apple Cider

“ Once upon a time in the magical far away land of Bundaberg, lived a handsome family of beverages who loved to have a good time and stayed beautifully sober while doing so … even Sarsaparilla, and she was a real party girl. So it came as somewhat of a surprise when a swaggering Cider, carrying the reputation of a million wasted Sundays, became part of the Bundaberg family .. “

No not really. Short of finding a picture of a bottle of Bundaberg Apple Cider dressed in a leather jacket (and believe me that’s a special kind of fancy), you’re safe to operate heavy machinery on this little beauty.

An easy-open pull tab exposes the crisp aroma of … well … apples! And from there it’s a guessing game about what kind of apple drink this tastes more like. Is it like Apple juice ? No it’s not as thick. Is it like Appletize ? No, nowhere near as fizzy as husbandface likes it.

But what’s the draw, the differential, the determining factor ?

Yeast ! Right down the back of your throat is where the “cider” kicks in and the apple juice fades away. Nothing like it’s notoriously fogged heady cousin, but it sure is sweet and has a lot more depth than your standard apple-based offering.

You can find any of the Bundaberg range just by using their handy Product Locator.

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