Voting has now closed for the NZ Music Month TOP 20.

Thank you so much from all the team at Garden of Sound for entering the NZ Music Month TOP 20 Countdown. With hundreds of entries from all across New Zealand and even Europe, this countdown has shown the passion for homegrown tunes is as strong as ever. This Thursday at 7pm, the TOP 20 as voted by you will be revealed on an hour-long Plains FM special, where the song you voted for might just get played along with the reasons why you’ve chosen it.
Huge thanks to TAHA, sponsors of the Garden Of Sound – TOP 20. Taha Sparkling Tonic is made by combining kawakawa with two other tasty ingredients, organic ginger beer root, and mānuka honey. Then it’s filtered through UV and Charcoal filtering systems ready for you to enjoy.
Kawakawa leaf is used as a blood purifier, for skin ailments and is good for the heart. It’s also a popular treatment for colds and influenza. Myristicin one of two known bioactive molecules present in kawakawa is, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and hepatoprotective.