Baltika 0

What’s a non-drinking site doing reviewing beer? Well my observant friend, Baltika 0 or just Baltika for the purposes of this review is less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, and by those terms an acceptable beverage for the nephalists among us. More on why @husbandface doesn’t drink anymore in posts to come, but for now sit back and relax while I extol the virtues of this agreeable Russian export.

Baltika now owned by Carlsberg came of age in the noughties, and by process of dialysis the (majority of the) alcohol is removed, while preserving this lager’s full flavour. The beer contains no preservatives, purified drinking water, malt and barley malt of varying descriptions and hop products.

On first taste of this well chilled morsel I can say it was heavy, and a little like honey. The Baltika seemed to bring back nostalgia, like Will Smith in Summertime. Beer from back in the day, kind of like big brown bottles of DB. If the sun was shining, and I was laying outside on the deck and i opened a can of Baltika, It would be fantastic. But seeing as the day was overcast, and I was inside I just wasn’t getting a kick out of it. I know that may sound ludicrous to you. It’s a freakin’ non-alcoholic beer you say. But think of your favourite chilli or curry, your perfect cuppa .. or a mouthwatering slice of something indulgent. You can get your dolphins jumping by consuming products that don’t get you wasted.

There are a lot of alcohol free beers out there which leave a lot to be desired, but Baltika is very good. So if you’re looking for something that won’t put you over the edge, on a hot summer’s day .. try it!

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