The Nephalist Is…

The Nephalist isn’t just about not drinking, it’s really about being (or if you are @husbandface – doing!). We, as humans, are not just office workers, writers, dancers, yoga teachers, musicians or whatever you identify yourself as. We are far more complex than that. We are a collection of thoughts, feelings and aspirations trying to fit in to society, hoping to be accepted for who we are. We have been given a great deal of advice about moving across the world, about our plans and aspirations but the beauty of that advice is that it is just that – advice. We are the people who have to make the decisions and live with the consequences – and yes, we will make the wrong choice every now and then. So where am I going with this random philosophical wittering? Right now, I have an overwhelming urge to say – do I really have to have a point?!

We are so caught up with the definitive, of having the answer that we may not stop to look at the journey. And I know we just have to look at world politics to see that being inconsistent and not having a clear objective is really unsettling. But isn’t that in some ways what creativity is all about? Going into the unknown with no clear path, but discovering it along the way? So, as a brand, should The Nephalist be just one thing? Should we just offer an alternative to socialising with alcohol? Should we just be about yoga and movement or should we just be about the music scene? We are all more than just one aspect of ourselves, and that is why The Nephalist is, well, multi-faceted. Because it is a whole entity.

I mentioned in my last post that I struggle with being seen, and in a social media world I have found ways around this. If you are friends with me on Facebook you know that comes in the guise of hiding behind a cause – feminism – which I am very passionate about but that is not all I am. Social media brings out a tendency in me to be compulsive about getting it ‘right’. As a yoga teacher I know that yoga is not about how you look but a more inward looking experience. Yet our Instagram feed is filled with fellow yoga instructors showing their amazingly wonderful poses and how much they have progressed in their practice, to stages that truly I don’t know if I will ever reach. Their posts, rather than being an inspiration show me how much I lack and how awkward and clumsy I feel. So I freeze and get that familiar feeling of being stuck and not knowing how to unstick myself (f.y.i. I do know how to unstick myself and it always involves movement!). I don’t want to show myself because I haven’t nailed it yet and I will never be perfect.

But The Nephalist is a journey into being you, with all your fabulous flaws and successes. The Nephalist is a journey into our loves and passions. The Nephalist is a journey: in how to move in a world that keeps telling you which way you should be moving, in how to have fun in a world that keeps telling what sort of fun to have, in how to find your voice in a world that thinks it knows how you should sound. The Nephalist is a journey in being…. and however that looks is just fine by us ?.

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