A Nephalist in New Zealand

I can’t sleep. I have bad jetlag and I fell asleep on the sofa watching TV at 5.39pm precisely. Except for managing to get from the sitting room to the bedroom and waking my husband up when I heard the courier knocking on the door to deliver his lost luggage, I was comatosed until 1.30am. And then I woke up. Stands to reason right? That is my 8 hours sleep for the night done and dusted.

So I stayed in bed, read instagram (can you read instagram?) – ehem – looked at instagram and daydreamed. I was thinking of my ‘new’ life in New Zealand. We have moved from London to Christchurch. As it is another country, on the other side of the world no less, I get a do-over.

Now, seeing as ‘you are who you are’, it’s never completely a do-over but at least you get to highlight the qualities you would like to have people see in you. When I was getting ready to come over, I decided that my online presence would be called Silent Unseen. I knew at the time that emphasising my struggle with being seen and heard is not the most positive of brand ideas. And then, lying in bed, I had a tipping point.

Before I left the UK, I went back to Redemption, a cafe/bar that have some of the most wondrous alcohol-free drinks I’ve ever tasted. Because, I don’t drink alcohol… haven’t in 8 years. I know, life over right? Well, no, nope, that one’s a myth. Yes, when I was drinking I did party with the best of them, had a rocking time and life was good. I love to dance and party, I love to socialise and that is still an intrinsic party of me that hasn’t changed in spite of the lack of alcohol.

And then I started thinking about CBS’s Elementary, which is a mighty excellent TV series. In this particular episode Holmes was thinking about how you should share the most important things in your life with the people who you care about – his work was what was important to him. So I was lying in bed thinking about being ‘alcohol free’, how intrinsic a part of my life it is and how it is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Lastly, I was thinking of when I set up an alcohol free event company ‘Naturally Naughty’ (great name but everyone thought sex – who knew!) and how in doing my research I came upon the term ‘nephalist’ which I immediately fell in love with. It sounds soooo much better than ‘sober’ and so much more descriptive of the positive side of being alcohol free.

And that is when I decided that is what I want to be known for in this new land.

You see husband-face and I have a grand plan and this fits in very well indeed. Also, I want to be known as the fun, wacky, a bit quirky party queen who loves socialising and having a good time. I want to be known as someone who can do all this and still be ‘sober’. And I want you to know that you can too 🙂

So rather than ‘An Englishman in New York’ here’s to ‘A Nephalist in New Zealand’. Here’s to many fun and fabulous adventures we shall have…

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